Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

Read Director's Program Note from Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom Directed by Kevin Ray
The following director’s note appeared in the program for Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater:

“Technology gives us power, but it does not and cannot tell us how to use that power. Thanks to technology, we can instantly communicate across the world, but it still doesn’t help us know what to say.”

-Jonathan Sacks

I am drawn to plays that ask big questions about the world we live in. Directing Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom by Jennifer Haley has been thrilling because the questions she asks us through the play couldn’t be bigger or timelier: What is our relationship to digital technology? In what ways does our relationship to digital technology impact our relationships with family members, friends and neighbors? If we don’t develop healthy relationships with the smartphones and computers we use every day, what might the consequences be? These are complicated questions and the play doesn’t give us easy answers. Although we can’t (and probably shouldn’t) stop the ever-changing evolution of digital technology, we most certainly have agency in determining how and when we use it. At the very least, many of you will be kind enough to turn your smartphone off before our performance begins. After the show is over, I wonder, how will you feel when you turn your smartphone back on?

-Kevin Ray

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